WD Green vs Blue Sata SSD

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  • September 8, 2022
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Introduction The SSD competition has heated up over the course of the last few years. For the longest time, the solid state drive space was dominated by Samsung. With falling NAND prices, several other competitors including Western Digital have been able to enter the market. Western Digital has two consumer grade sata SSD drives, the […]

PureVPN Review


PureVPN Review – Features, Pros, and Cons For most people, it’s hard to imagine life today without Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). To some Internet users, a VPN is as essential as the Internet itself. A VPN provides a reliable way to surf the net anonymously by protecting and encoding your Internet connection’s IP address. It […]

Roku vs Firestick vs Chromecast


Streaming devices are all the rage in recent years. I remember when the Chromecast first came out. Everybody wanted to get one. The Chromecast allowed you to stream video from your phone or laptop right to the television. While the Chromecast may have been one of the first streaming devices to the market, the device is no […]

How TekHattan Supports you Everywhere


The world in which we live today enables global commerce. Systems are connected worldwide, which allows you to use your laptop wherever you set foot in the world. The cloud has changed the business environment for the better, allowing greater workplace productivity. With the cloud, business employees are also allowed more freedom to work where […]

Why every business should consider outsourcing their IT Help Desk


A lot of the companies we end up working with have a co-owner who is responsible for managing technology. This often works well in the beginning. When a business expands and adds new employees, this co-owner usually becomes bombarded with tech help requests instead of focusing on other aspects of the business. When this happens, […]