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Need IT Support in a hurry? Give us a call to have us come to you as soon as possible. We offer same day emergency IT Services in NJ, to ensure you minimize downtime.



For many issues, we do not need to be on-site to provide a resolution. Give us a call today to see if you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art remote support services.



Have a special project or event coming up? Tekie has the best IT Consultants in the business, and will take care of your networking, software, or hardware project so you don’t need to worry about it.



By using our Managed IT Services, you will feel confident that your network is secure and we will be there for you every step of the way. Save money and time by switching today.



Need Business VoIP Service? Tekie Voice provides robust features with Phone Service available on any device. Internal and Customer Messaging via Text and Picture Messaging and Call Center features all for a low monthly price.

Now Providing IT Support & Computer Services to NEW JERSEY

Proactive or reactive? That is the question. TekHattan services the entire State of NJ, with our main office located in Newark, NJ. TekHattan offers managed services in NJ to help your team stay productive and leverage existing technology. Some clients find themselves on this page because they are in search of help now. If your network is down, or need IT Support in NJ, give us a call. Once we get your IT issue resolved, we can have a productive conversation of how we can help your business going forward.

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Why Choose Tekie ?

We will handle all your tech needs

Tekie will be your company’s IT department. This means Tekie will monitor all the technology in your office and ensure everything is up to date, secure, and reliable. We also use integrated security monitoring, which means most virus infections and network intrusions are prevented before they even happen. Tekie will also work with you and proactively recommend and implement new technology solutions as your business has the need for them. The best part is? You will be able to focus on growing your business while we deal with your office technology.

We are affordable

Tekie aims to deliver the best value for your business while ensuring that we are not cutting corners. After all, you need to ensure that your office technology is always up to date, secure, reliable, and redundant. So how are we able to offer our IT services at the best value? We automate many things, which allow our technicians to focus on faults or tickets that are opened. Tickets can be opened in many ways, one of the most common methods is by our automated system. If our monitoring services detect a fault, a ticket is opened if it cannot be automatically resolved. The other most common ticket entry method is by a client. So when you need IT help, we are there for you. We aim to provide affordable IT Support in New York, and this is accomplished by charging our clients a flat monthly rate based on number of employees. Because nobody wants to receive surprise bills!

We will help your business grow through technology

A lot of our competition is stagnant. Once they get your solution setup, they tend to let it sit until a client decides they want to make changes to their system. With Tekie, we are always on the cutting edge of business technology. After all, things are always changing, new technology is introduced every day. When new products and services are released, we are always evaluating to make recommendations to our managed clients. Of course, new technology often makes day-to-day operations easier for the business owner. Our goal is not only to ensure your business technology is properly updated, secured, reliable and redundant, but also to implement new tech as it is rolled out. This commitment will not only keep your business running but will also help your business grow. And this is why Tekie provides the best New Jersey IT Support.

You'll work one on one with a dedicated account manager

While it is possible your business may be working with several Tekie support representatives, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. Your Tekie account manager is committed to ensuring that Tekie is constantly handling all your tech needs, that we are affordable, and that we are helping your business grow. This account manager will be available as needed to discuss new technology, implement new solutions, and ensure your existing tech support solution is working properly for your business. Just another reason why Tekie provides the best New Jersey IT Support.

Prevent IT Issues From Affecting Your Bottom Line With Our NJ IT Support services

Expedite ticket resolution and get back to work with our IT support in New Jersey.

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Need Tech Support in New Jersey?


Let's face it, New Jersey is a life-line for New York City. Our business started in the big apple. Tekie understands that businesses in New Jersey cannot afford downtime. Our managed IT clients are offered dedicated service level agreements. Meaning if you have a computer emergency in your office, our tech support professionals will be at your office on-site within 2 hours.

For remote service, services are delivered within 15 minutes for emergency issues. Our staff members have been in the industry for a while. All employees are trained on multiple different software's. Since our client base is so diverse, all of our on-site and remote staff are well equipped for any job. Of course, we have Level I, II, and III technicians available to be dispatched for any work in New Jersey.

How can Tekie help my business?


There is no cookie cutter solution when it comes to information technology and business. The solution that Tekie will offer depends on how your business functions. One of our experts can meet with your team and discuss how you currently operate. Our final solution will be tailored depending on the specific applications you use, which tech stack you are running, and of course what industry you are in.

Of course, Tekie will make recommendations to improve your staff's productivity and even help your bottom line. We will look for cost efficiencies. But most importantly, we will ensure your technology is reliable, redundant, and secure.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It depends on how involved Tekie will be with your business. If you are looking for one-time IT Support in NYC, Tekie can assist at our standard non-managed rate of $155 per hour. Our managed services typically make most sense for business in New York. As with your managed services, your Tekie services are all inclusive and there are no surprise charges. Our managed services are billed at a monthly rate per employee. Contact us today so we can get you a custom quote!


Tekie uses a software called RMM. This RMM software automatically monitors your business IT systems and checks for faults, 24/7/365. If a fault is found that cannot be automatically resolved, a ticket is open for intervention by a New York IT Support technician. We also use ESET to provide security protection, and of course, this is tied into our RMM so if a virus or possible infection is found – a ticket is opened immediately.


Tekie is committed to ensuring our managed services clients are taken care of quickly. For emergency issues, a Tekie rep will reach out to you within 15 minutes of a ticket being opened. If an on-site intervention is needed, expect somebody at your doorstep within 3 hours during business hours. For routine tech support requests, Tekie will schedule this at your convenience.


Absolutely. While we are based in New York City, we have on-site technicians across the country. While all remote requests will be handled out of our Newark call center, our on-site network bridges the gap to ensure that we are properly supporting all of your locations.