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Managed IT Solutions by Tekie

In order for your business to be successful, all the "moving parts" of your technology must work like a well oiled machine.

For every business, there are desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, servers, cloud accounts among many others.

Larger companies have in-house IT staff, but small businesses often can't afford their own IT team.

This is where Tekie comes into play. Our team will act as your personal IT department. We will manage all devices, cloud accounts, and all other business technology.

Stop waiting to make the change and see how Tekie can help you today!

The Problem

“Also the reason why we exist”

Over the years, technology has become increasingly more important for our lives. As many have learned from the COVID pandemic, it is also not as flexible as we would like it to be at times. Office technology needs to be constantly updated, secured, backed up and available so that your business can operate at maximum efficiency. When something goes wrong, it causes your employees and your business to lose productivity. One application crashing can cause an employee to lose an entire day's work. To a small business owner, that means money going down the drain.

Every day, small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly likely to become a victim of cyber-crime. The truth is most businesses are one phony email away from having all their data stolen by criminals. This can lead to losses in the millions of dollars for some. More importantly, some data is irreplaceable.

If the wrong documents are lost forever, it could spell doom for a small business.

Most small businesses do not have the resources to afford an internal tech team. With such a modern-day reliance on technology, if the owner becomes the “IT Person”, they lose valuable time where they could be working on more important things.

The Solution: Tekie Managed IT Services

"See what Tekie Managed Services can do for your business"

Tekie, a Managed IT Services Provider, will help you manage all your business technology. This includes all servers, workstations, cloud services, telecommunications, and Internet Service Providers. Basically, Tekie will act as your one stop shop for your office IT. We will act as your business IT Department.

Our IT Managed Services solution includes several components: TekWatch (our automated patching, monitoring, and security platform), TekCloud (management of all cloud services including Office 365, GSuite, etc.), TekDesk (our team of technicians who will assist you when things come up), and RapidTek (our team of on-site technicians who will be dispatched to your office for on-site assistance).

Tekie Managed IT Services allows us to be proactive in most cases, and reactive when needed. Tekie will help you keep your devices running smoothly and securely. Further, our technical team can be reached by phone or email whenever needed to help you at your convenience. The best part of this? The cost is affordable and is completely scalable. Tekie Managed IT Services makes business sense regardless of if you have 5 or 100 employees.


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Tekie Managed IT Services Components Included:


Managed IT Services Platform: TekWatch

  • Managed Security Protection
  • Operating System Patching
  • Remote Support Access for our staff

TekWatch is our platform that keeps a watchful eye of all your office technology. It will check for warning signs including abnormal CPU usage, RAM utilization, hard disk failures, and more. Our managed security protection is included to prevent intrusions and malware. If a virus or malware is detected, a high priority support ticket is automatically opened to alert our team.


Managed IT Services Platform: TekWatch

  • Management and Administration of Cloud Accounts and Services
  • Management and Administration of Email Services
  • Backup of Data to the Cloud
  • Cloud Consulting for existing clients

TekCloud allows our technicians to administer all your company’s cloud services including emails, data storage and sharing, and data backup. There is no additional fee for this service and is included for all Tekie Managed IT Service clients.


Managed Services HelpDesk: TekDesk

  • 24/7 USA Based Remote Support Available
  • 15 Minute Response Time for Urgent Issues
  • 2 Hour Emergency On-Site Response
  • No Additional Cost

Our TekDesk solution is perhaps the most important aspect of your Tekie Managed Services. This is the labor portion of our service. When you call the helpdesk, or a ticket is opened, it will be routed to the TekDesk. Depending on the needs of your business, or technicians are available 24/7/365 to assist.

All remote support labor on covered hardware is included at no additional cost. On-Site hours are also bundled in at no additional cost, depending on how many employees your business has.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tekie takes a proactive approach to properly manage all your business technology. We aim to reduce service requests by keeping your systems constantly up to date and maintained. This saves both of us time and money.


We aim to push updates during off times. For example, during weekends and after hours. However, for all businesses this will not work. So, we can push updates at a pre-determined time of the week to ensure it has minimal disruption to your business.


The goal at Tekie is to keep as many familiar faces to you as possible. That is why you will be assigned a senior technician that will try to crank out most routine service requests. The only time you will usually see a new face is when a critical ticket is put in that needs to be resolved immediately.


The cost varies depending on the complexity of your business IT systems, number of employees you have, and the amount of technology you need serviced. However, our cost is scalable and based per employee.


Before Tekie takes over your account, we will review all your current technology and make recommendations for upgrades. We also keep tabs on new tech available to propose upgrades that will help your business.