Small Business VOIP Service

Tekie: The Best VOIP for Small Business

It's time to move your plain old telephone system to the cloud. With Tekie Voice, you can answer your phone on the go, at home or in the office, allowing you to work virtually anywhere.

No longer do you need roll-over numbers or clunky desktop telephones. Just log into the mobile app and start making and receiving calls right away.

Paired with Tekie Support, your phone system can grow you with. Whether you have one location with one phone or five locations with 20 phones, we're a perfect fit.

Get Call Center quality features at a fraction of the cost per month.

Stop waiting to make the change and see how Tekie can help you today!

Features of Tekie VOIP


Cloud PBX for easy management


Unlimited minutes, no overbilling


Intelligent Call Routing


Custom Hold Music


Answer Calls Anywhere


Video and Audio conferencing up to 250 attendees


Wait time announcements


SMS Text Messaging

Business VOIP Pricing

Basic Service


$26 /m

Fully Managed


$36 /m

Get started with VOIP today. Under our basic package, Tekie will get your VOIP solution setup and configured. After setup is complete, your company will be responsible for the management of your phone system. Any support requests should be made to GoTo.

Under the basic package, Tekie support will be available within 48 hours of your request at an hourly rate. Our Fully managed service is recommended so Tekie can handle any service requests for your phone system without the need to contact GoTo.

Under Tekie’s fully managed VOIP solution, our team will handle any system changes, new extension requests, and more after the initial setup and configuration of your new phone system.

You will have no need to contact GoTo for support. Our Fully Managed VOIP package is recommended for the peace of mind. You will receive priority same day support from our expert technicians and your Dedicated Tekie Account Manager.


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What is VoIP ?


Plain old telephone service, or POTS was once all one needed for their business phone service. While office-based employees could depend on POTS service, many businesses have realized that plain old telephone service is not a viable option post COVID. While we all hope things will go back to “normal” soon, we must be prepared for employees to work from home at a moment’s notice.

VOIP service, or voice-over-IP telephony provides reliability, flexibility, and redundancy for your business communications. VOIP service can be used anywhere across the globe – if reliable high-speed Internet is available. These means that employees can work from the office, from home, or even from the beach.

About GoToConnect

Tekie is partnered with GoToConnect which is part of the GoTo family powered by LogMeIn. GoToConnect was formally known as Jive Communications, a Utah based VoIP company founded in 2006. Jive Communications was acquired by LogMeIn in 2018 and has since invigorated its recent growth to provide a virtual phone system all in the cloud.

The GoToConnect platform is one of the most reliable and flexible VoIP solutions available. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a fully functioning phone system with Music-on-Hold, specific ring groups and an Auto-Attendant set up within 10 minutes.

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Why Choose Tekie ?

In most cases, Tekie VoIP costs less to operate than any other plain old telephone service. This means that you can have all the features of a Fortune 500 company call center for less than what you are paying currently. When business plans change, you will be able to rest assured that your phone call will never go unanswered.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The service will cost the same regardless of if you choose to signup through us or directly. The difference is the level of service you will receive as a small business. Have an issue? You can call us or email our team so we can assist. Tekie will also help setup your VOIP system. Transferring your phone service is a complicated process, and you will want a professional to coordinate the switch, port your numbers over, and configure your new phone system to ensure your...


Yes. You can use your service anywhere in the world where reliable Internet is available. There are multiple different ways to use the service including desk phones, desktop softphone applications, and a mobile phone application. No matter where your employees are, they will be able to easily communicate with your clients.


VOIP does require high speed Internet to operate. However, when planning your new phone infrastructure, we will examine all options to ensure redundancy. One way to complete this where applicable installing a secondary Internet connection. Keep in mind that at any point, all calls can be forwarded to cellular devices, home office locations, or anywhere else. There are many redundancies build into the GoToConnect system in case of an Internet outage.


VOIP is essentially phone service “in the cloud”. When somebody calls your business, your call would be routed to a cloud server, which is then relayed to the cloud PBX system. The cloud PBX system rings your phones in the way it is configured, and then one of your employee’s answers the call. Although this sounds complicated, it all happens in milliseconds.


Before COVID regular POTS (plain old telephone systems) were adequate to handle the telephony needs of business. However, businesses that are still using POTS systems have probably learned since COVID that those systems are not flexible. Need to forward your calls to a different number? You will end up on the phone with your provider for a very long time. With VOIP, this can be done in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse. COVID has shown us that VOIP is the way of the future as employees work more from outside the office setting.