About Us


Tekie is a wholly owned subsidiary of TekHattan Holdings LLC. Tekie was originally started to serve the information technology needs of business and residential customers across the continental United States.

The focus of the business changed with the unfortunate introduction of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Tekie is now focused on working with small and mid-sized businesses across the United States to adapt to the evolving telecommuting needs of business. We predict that after this pandemic, business work will never be the same. Even if business goes back to a pre-COVID state, small business owners across the country have realized that legacy IT systems are outdated and lack the flexibility of modern cloud systems.

Tekie is a culmination of decades of combined experience serving small and mid-sized businesses in the information technology segment. Tekie’s goal is to help smaller businesses navigate the IT landscape in a post-COVID world. Why? Because at Tekie we realize that small business owners have more important things to worry about then spending countless hours researching technology and trying to hamstring a solution. We believe that modern technology is the key to business in the post-COVID world, and the key to our success is being able to deliver affordable, efficient, and redundant cloud-based IT systems to small businesses across the United States.

So, give us a call today. Let us talk about how Tekie can help your business navigate the post-COVID business landscape.

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