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Need help right away? We understand that some technology issues just cannot wait. Give us a call and we can have a technician out right away. Same day service available.



Most issues do not require an on-site technician. Contact us to find out if you can take advantage of our remote support options. In most cases, a technician can provide remote IT Support within 15 minutes of your call.



Have a special project or event coming up? TekHattan has the best IT Consultants in the business, and will take care of your networking, software, or hardware project so you don’t need to worry about it.



Take the hassle and expense out of managing your own network and leave it to the pros. Tekie can provide Fully Managed IT Services and take care of all your technology related needs.



Need Business VoIP Service? Tekie Voice provides robust features with Phone Service available on any device. Internal and Customer Messaging via Text and Picture Messaging and Call Center features all for a low monthly price.

Serving the Philadelphia IT Services market, at your convenience

Regardless of if you need Phildelphia IT Support now, or if are looking for a long-term consulting solution for later, Tekie has your needs covered. Below, you will find more information about how Tekie can help your business IT consulting needs in the future and right now.

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Local Businesses Rely On Our PHILADELPHIA IT Support Service

Why Choose Tekie ?

We will handle all your tech needs

Most small businesses do not have the resources that a large corporation would when it comes to information technology. Therefore, Tekie will act as your company’s IT department. Tekie’s goal is to manage your existing infrastructure, while also working to recommend and implement new solutions that are a fit for your business. TekWatch by Tekie will ensure your IT systems are redundant, secure, reliable, and efficient. Being your company’s IT department means regardless of which software or system you need assistance with, Tekie will be your one contact.

We are affordable

All businesses have different needs when it comes to technology. Of course, you need a system that will help your employees be as productive as possible while also ensuring your budget goals are met. Tekie’s manage solution is based on a flat rate each month, based on how many employees you have. This means that Tekie will manage all your workstations, servers, telephony, and cloud accounts for a flat rate. All remote support is also included. We are not out to nickel and dime our clients, and Tekie understands the frustration of receiving surprise bills.

We will help your business grow through technology

The main reason that Tekie went into business is because the competition is stagnant. Once they have your solution setup, they feel their job is done. On the other hand, Tekie is always keeping up to date with the newest technology available. The solution that works today may not be the best option tomorrow. As your business changes, and technology evolves, your account manager and senior technician will work with you to adapt your business IT services. Being able to adapt to the latest and greatest will ensure your employees stay productive, and that your customers are happy. Therefore, Tekie provides the greatest Philadelphia IT Support.

You will work one-on-one with a Tekie Account Manager

It is likely you will be working with multiple technicians to solve your tech issues. However, Tekie will assign you an account manager who will work with you over the long term to look out for your business needs. Your Tekie Account Manager will keep in touch to ensure all your concerns are dealt with, answer questions, and provide the latest updates on technology.

Prevent IT Issues From Affecting Your Bottom Line With Our PHILADELPHIA IT Support services

Expedite ticket resolution and get back to work with our IT support in New York City.

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Need Tech Support in the City?


Our business clients in Philadelphia understand that Tekie has their back because downtime is unacceptable. Our managed IT service clients are afforded service level agreements. This means that our technicians will be on-site within 2 hours for emergency service, for remote support our technicians will be working on emergency requests within 15 minutes.

Our team has a broad depth of experience. We can work with any software, hardware, and network solutions. Tekie has clients in many industries including medical, legal, advertising, consulting, and entertainment. Due to the broad range of systems our technicians interact with daily, we are well suited to help your business regardless of your industry of systems in place.

IT Support in Philadelphia – And anywhere else

Tekie works in Philadelphia, but our team is also available anywhere else in the continental United States. In fact, many of our clients have satellite offices in Philadelphia while also working in other cities. This is great for potential clients that have more than one office now, or plan on having multiple offices in the future.

Most issues can be resolved by our remote team, and our Philadelphia on-site team will visit your office when necessary.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It depends on how involved Tekie will be with your business. If you are looking for one-time IT Support in NYC, Tekie can assist at our standard non-managed rate of $155 per hour. Our managed services typically make most sense for business in New York. As with your managed services, your Tekie services are all inclusive and there are no surprise charges. Our managed services are billed at a monthly rate per employee. Contact us today so we can get you a custom quote!


Tekie uses a software called RMM. This RMM software automatically monitors your business IT systems and checks for faults, 24/7/365. If a fault is found that cannot be automatically resolved, a ticket is open for intervention by a New York IT Support technician. We also use ESET to provide security protection, and of course, this is tied into our RMM so if a virus or possible infection is found – a ticket is opened immediately.


Tekie is committed to ensuring our managed services clients are taken care of quickly. For emergency issues, a Tekie rep will reach out to you within 15 minutes of a ticket being opened. If an on-site intervention is needed, expect somebody at your doorstep within 3 hours during business hours. For routine tech support requests, Tekie will schedule this at your convenience.


Absolutely. While we are based in New York City, we have on-site technicians across the country. While all remote requests will be handled out of our Newark call center, our on-site network bridges the gap to ensure that we are properly supporting all of your locations.