Tech Updates


How TekHattan Supports you Everywhere


The world in which we live today enables global commerce. Systems are connected worldwide, which allows you to use your laptop wherever you set foot in the world. The cloud has changed the business environment for the better, allowing greater workplace productivity. With the cloud, business employees are also allowed more freedom to work where […]

Why every business should consider outsourcing their IT Help Desk


A lot of the companies we end up working with have a co-owner who is responsible for managing technology. This often works well in the beginning. When a business expands and adds new employees, this co-owner usually becomes bombarded with tech help requests instead of focusing on other aspects of the business. When this happens, […]

What Considerations Need to be Made for new Office IT Setup


There are many things going through a business owner or executives head when it comes to opening a new office space. Some of the questions include, will I have enough space? What type of furniture should we order? One question that is not asked enough in our experience is, what do I need for my […]

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008


So what does that mean for the thousands of users still operating on it? It means a lot. Although Microsoft is officially ending support in January 2020, they will provide limited support to anyone willing to pay for updates until at least 2023. Should you switch to Windows 10? Yes! But why? Windows 10 is […]

When is it time to hire a Managed IT Service Company?


When is it time to hire a Managed IT Service Company? Every day, Americans embark on new business ventures. When the company first starts out, often one of the founders ends up being the go to person. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been to consultations where one of the founders or managing […]