Do I need a firewall?


Clients ask us often, Do I need a firewall? The Internet was designed to be open for everybody to explore. All devices connected to the Internet are vulnerable.  The answer is yes, if you run a business, you should have a firewall. Read more to find out why.

The Internet was not designed with security in mind. In fact, the Internet became so popular due to the ease at which information could be found. The web is a connected network of computers. What most people do not realize is how open their connection is without a hardware firewall in place.

Do I need a firewall?

Some businesses need firewalls, and others should have firewalls. If your business is in the medical, legal, financial, or retail field, you absolutely need a firewall. These industries are heavily regulated. Failure to properly secure your network can result in massive fines and penalties.

Should I have a firewall?

Even if not legally required, every business that handles customer data should have a firewall. Imagine the fallout if you had a security breach.

Spending money on a firewall when you have a router may seem pointless. What you may not realize is that a standard router does nothing to secure your connection. When securing your network, it is imperative to add as many barriers possible between your company and the outside world. One mistake by an employee could cause your company ruin without a firewall.

A firewall reduces the threat of the web, putting a barrier between your computers and the Internet. Botnets constantly scan IP addresses looking for vulnerabilities. A properly installed firewall will block external scans and close loopholes to prevent intrusions. Further, a firewall will protect against user error. There is always somebody at the office who accidentally turned off the Windows firewall and left the front door open for hackers. A solid Managed Service Provider can help ensure user errors are reduced.

Having a good firewall is a top consideration that needs to be made for any company opening a new office. Contact us today so we can help you select and configure your firewall.

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